Friday, October 24, 2014

Peek At The Week

We had another great week of learning together! 
I can’t believe how quickly October has been going!

Here are some of the things we have been working on:

In Math:
·        Thought about addition to 18 to solve subtraction problems
·        Reviewed subtraction strategies
·        Used ten frames to show how to subtract
·        Solved 2 part questions using addition and subtraction
·        Took our Topic 3 test

In Fundations and Reading
·        Learned about the suffix ed and it has 3 sounds, id/d/t
·        Reviwed how to use Raz Kids on the iPads
·        Played a game called Desk Pop to practice spelling words
·        Learned new vocabulary words
·        Used Magnabet to make words on the iPad
·        Learned about the suffix ed and it has 3 sounds, id/d/t
·        Finished reading Mr. Putter and Tabby Pick the Pears and Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon and reviewed beginning, middle, end.
In Science:

·        Reviewed the four seasons and made an apple tree seasonal poem
·        Read Tell Me Tree by Gail Gibbons and learned about the parts of an oak tree
·        Watched a video about trees with a fun acorn named Pierre
·        Made an inner tree parts book
·        Had "Mr. Tree" dress up as the tree to review parts (They loved this!)

Today we also made adjective pumpkins for our vocabulary parade on Halloween! 
They came out very well. You’ll see them on the blog next week.

We also listened to a cute story with our 5th grade buddies and made pumpkins together.

**Reminder**: The Family Tree Project posters are due on Tuesday, October 28th. Thank you for turning them in as they’re completed. They are looking good!
Have a great weekend! The weather should be much nicer!

-Mrs. Farrand :)