Thursday, October 16, 2014

Peek At The Week

I hope you had a nice Monday holiday with your son or daughter! Our four day week was still filled with tons of learning and fun!
Here are some of the things we have been working on:

In Math:

·        Learned to play Minus 1 or 2 Bingo
·        Subtracted 0, 1, and 2
·        Practiced subtraction using doubles facts to help us
·        Used Reflex Math on the iPads to practice facts (I sent logins home)
·        Thought of addition to ten to help us subtract

In Fundations and Reading
·        Learned about suffixes s, es, ing, ed, er, and est to make plurals
·        Practiced our trick words using gel boards
·        Played a game called Desk Pop to practice spelling words
·        Practiced words with closed syllable exceptions on white boards
·        Began reading Mr. Putter and Tabby Pick the Pears and Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon and discussed making connections and practiced answering questions in complete sentences.
In Science:

·        Reviewed the two types of trees- deciduous and evergreen
·        Read and highlighted important information and made a cool pop up trees

In Writing:
·        Edited our individual personal narratives with a partner
·        Began typing our stories on the iPads for publication

In Social Studies:

·        Learned about Christopher Columbus’ life
·        Made a fun, moveable puppet
·        Read a Scholastic Magazine about locating the Santa Maria ship

**Reminder: I sent home a special Family Tree Project for your child last week.
The posters are due on Tuesday, October 28th. Please help them gather what they need. If you have any questions, please contact me! Check the projects tab for ideas!
Have a great weekend!

-Mrs. Farrand :)