Saturday, April 30, 2016

Peek At The Week

I hope you had a restful vacation with your family. Can you believe it will be May tomorrow? The time is flying by! We have been learning together for 145 days, which means we only have 35 days left! Wow! We will be working hard until the very end!

Here are some of the things we did this week!

In Math:

  • Continued learning about money
  • Added and subtracted money using the cent symbol
  • Learned about estimating to solve problems
  • Used a chart to figure out items we could afford to buy
  • Played Collect $1.00 and Spend $1.00

In Writing/Social Studies:

  • Started learning about persuasive writing for a travel brochure for India
  • Learned from a mentor text about Washington D.C.
  • Researched from books about India to record persuasive facts
  • Watched a DVD about different schools in India 
  • Listened to Mrs. Olshaw talk about her journey to India and saw cool pictures and a video
  • Read The Elephant Dance
Mrs. Olshaw

In Fundations/Reading:

  • Started Unit 15 on 6 sounds for u
  • Discussed vocabulary and wrote sentences for group and smooth
  • Used white boards for dictation
  • Practiced trick words through iPads and Twingo
  • My group is reading Beauregard the Cat  and we are learning inferences
  • Miss Sacco came to teach us about summarizing events and what to include.
  • Read The Name Jar and wrote a summary together the next day
Ms. Sacco teaching us

Enjoy the weekend! 
-Mrs. Farrand :)

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Learning about Coins!

We finished Geometry and now we are learning about coins and money. The students played 2 games called Collect 25 cents to collect and trade coins and a Piggy Bank game to record amounts for coins.
Here are some pics of them! Also, we are wrapping up weather in Science.
Please help your child study for the test on Tuesday! :)
Enjoy the weekend!
-Mrs. Farrand

Also, we are running low on glue sticks! If you see any that you could purchase to contribute to our classroom,  I would appreciate it!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Peek At The Week

I am loving this weather, but we might be getting some snow on Monday? I don't know about you, but I am ready for warmer and sunny days. Today we reached day 130 school days on April Fool's Day! I fooled your child by telling them they were getting extra homework this weekend. I should have recorded their faces and the excuses! We had a good laugh afterwards! :)

Also, I read The Book with No Pictures to them and they loved it! Make sure you ask your child about this silly book!

Here are some things we are working on:

In Math:
  • Practiced tracing shapes and creating new shapes
  • Learned about unequal and equal parts with halves, thirds, and fourths
  • Became math detectives to solve math riddles about shapes
  • Reviewed the names of solid shapes (3-D) and plane shapes (2-D)
In Science:
  • Learned the 3 main types of clouds: cirrus, cumulus, stratus
  • Read The Cloud Book by Tomie dePaola
  • Completed a weekly cloud watch
  • Watched a video all about wind and clouds
  • Sung a cloud song
  • Learned the 4 types of precipitation rain, snow, sleet, hail and made a booklet
  • Learned about 4 severe storms: tornado, hurricane, blizzard, and thunderstorm
  • We made a weather wizard cookbook to remember the 3 main ingredients that go into each storm-It was fun!
In Fundations:
  • Practiced two syllable o words
  • Practiced trick words
  • Discussed the words follow and foamy
  • Completed a dictation check up
  • Took our Unit 13 test
In Reading:
  • We read Silly Willy- A noodle head tale, which is very funny!
  • We practiced 5 W questions, sequencing events, and nouns, verbs and adjectives
  • We also learned about onomatopoeia through a fun song and made a cool booklet
We had a nice sneak peek of Mary Poppins too! I think it'll be a great show at the high school, so you should check it out! :)

We also saw our 5th grade buddies and did a weather scavenger hunt for information today. We love coming to see them! 

Thanks for checking in! Have a nice weekend!
-Mrs. Farrand