September 2016

Dear Families of Room 206,
As your child enters second grade he/she will be expected to complete nightly homework and keep an organized homework folder. As I understand that some nights are busier than others, I have arranged the homework assignments so that they are staggered throughout the week.  This should give plenty of opportunity to complete each assignment.

Students are expected to do their own work every night, although, it is essential that parental support be offered and encouraged throughout the week.  Please be aware that your child’s homework should only take about 20 minutes per night.  If you notice your child becoming frustrated or taking much longer, please communicate this with me. There will also be additional weekly and monthly projects assigned throughout the year.  The homework schedule will be adjusted accordingly.  

  • Fundations homework packets will be sent home on Mondays (Tuesdays in case of a Monday holiday with due dates changed accordingly)
  • Fundations homework will go home as a packet, but each individual assignment in the packet is returned on its respective due date

Below is an outline of your child’s homework each week:
  • DUE TUESDAY-FRIDAY: math worksheet (from students’ math books)
  • DUE WEDNESDAY: Fundations words written three times and 6 Fundations Sentences
  • DUE FRIDAY: Fundations words in ABC order and 6 Fundations Sentences
  • DUE FRIDAY: Reading Log
  • Every night: read for at least 20 minutes and practice your math facts!

I hope this communicates the expectations for second grade homework.  As always, please contact me with any questions.  

Thank you for your support,
Erica Farrand