Thursday, March 26, 2015

Peek At The Week

It’s good to see the snow melting away! We are looking forward to warmer weather! I can’t believe March is almost over! I hope I'll see many of you at the Toast to Memorial on Saturday!

Here's a peek at our week....
In Math:
  • Began adding 3 digit numbers breaking numbers apart with hundreds, tens, and ones
  • Added 3 digit numbers to hundreds using mental math
  • Used place value blocks to add 3 digit numbers with partners
  • Used paper and pencil to add 3 digit numbers
  • Began exploring subtraction with 3 digit numbers
In Science:
  • Learned about the 3 main groups of clouds- cirrus cumulus, stratus
  • Made a cloud book, sang a cloud song, did a cloud watch each morning, and watched a science video on wind and clouds
  • Learned about 4 types of precipitation- rain, snow, sleet, and hail and made a small booklet
  • Watched a movie all about precipitation
  • Learned about 4 severe storms- blizzards, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes
  • Did a fun “Weather Wizard” activity and made a storm recipe book
  • With our 5th grade buddies we did a weather scavenger hunt in the classroom for information
  • Began Unit 13 for the sounds of long o- oe, oa, ow, o, o-e
  • Practiced trick words through gel boards and TWINGO
  • Discussed vocabulary words coach and flow
  • Reading groups read Edgar Badger’s Balloon Day and The Three Wishes
  • We practiced answering questions, writing 5 W questions, and summarizing

Have a wonderful weekend!
-Mrs. Farrand :)