Friday, May 2, 2014

Peek At The Week

Wow! Vacation ends and we’re right back to hard work!
I can’t believe it is May already!

Here are some of the things we have been working on:

In Math:
·         Reviewed adding and subtracting with regrouping 3 digit numbers
·         Practiced riddle clues to add two numbers together
·         Reviewd even and odd numbers
·         Completed our Topic 11 test
·         Practiced using a calculator to add numbers

In Fundations and Reading:
·         Week 2 of Unit 13 for the sounds of long o.
·         Read Played TWINGO for trick words
·         Learned 2 new words follow and foamy
·         Practiced dictation
·         Finished The Gooey Chewy Contest and Elephants

In Science:
·         Built our own bug pictures
·         Learned about complete and incomplete metamorphosis cycles
·         Watched All About Butterflies
·         Compared moths and butterflies using a Venn Diagram
·         Had a Butterfly Scavenger hunt for facts with a partner

In Writing:
·         Practiced paragraph writing for homework
·         Finished our continent books

*I am sending home an insect study guide today for our test on Wednesday May 7th. Please help your child study.

*Also, we are going on a field trip on May 19th. There is a yellow form in the backpack folder. The cost is $11. Please send in cash only.

Enjoy your weekend!

-Mrs. Farrand