Friday, April 11, 2014

Peek At The Week

We had another fabulous week in second grade! All the students
were working so hard! I feel so proud to be their teacher!

Here are some of the things we have been working on:

In Math:
  • Began Topic 11 for adding and subtracting with 3 digit numbers
  • Learned expanded form for solving addition
  • Used mental math to add hundreds
  • Used place value models to add 3 digit numbers with regrouping
  • Began learning keeping the number whole with subtracting

In Fundations and Reading:

  • Finished Unit 12 for the sounds of oi, oy
  • Took our Unit 12 test
  • Began Unit 13 for the long sounds of o (oa, oe, and ow)
  • Played trick word relay
  • Started reading Rosie's Story and The Gooey Chewy Bubble Gum Contest

In Science:
  • Began learning about interesting insects
  • Watched a short video
  • Read Bugs! Book
  • Made a special insect folder
  • Began an insect journal on the IPads

In Writing/Social Studies:
  • Worked on completing our cool continent reports (They are looking good!)
  • Finished the pictures and captions
  • Created an “About the Author” page

***Special Project Reminder***
Please help your child complete their sports biography project. It is due on Wednesday, April 16th. I'm looking forward to seeing who they chose and hearing their facts!

Enjoy your weekend!
-Mrs. Farrand