Friday, November 30, 2012

Peek At The Week

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your family! We had another super week!

In Math, we started Unit 3 called Stickers, Number Strings, and Story Problems. We started by talking about the order of adding numbers. We also solved number strings by looking for combinations of ten or doubles, since those are easier to solve first.
We played a new game called Beat the Calculator to help solve number strings too. The students took turns being “The Brainiac” or “The Calculator Kid.”  It was fun to see who could solve the problems first.
*See Fun Photos

In Science, Miss P from the Science Center delivered a new, cute class pet. It is a 3 month old snapping turtle named Crush. We are so excited to have him in our class!  We watched a video called All About Reptiles to see how many new facts we learned. We also learned about crocodilians. We read about alligators and crocodiles. Then we used the information to compare them using a Venn Diagram.

In Writing, we worked on descriptive paragraph writing. The students had to use senses to describe me and then they drew a picture. They did a nice job painting a picture for the reader. They certainly know a lot about me! We will type them up soon when we visit the computer lab.

In Reading, my groups read about Squanto and Pocahontas. We answered questions about each story and compared the books too. We also finished Unit 5 in Fundations.

In the Backpack Folders today there is a special notice about a reading club after school with Mrs. Warford for grade 2 and 3. It sounds like it will be really fun! Please check the blue flyer for more information.

Thanks so much for visiting our school Book Fair and thank you for purchasing some books from my wish list for the classroom. I love getting new books to share!
The last day to buy books at school will be on Monday, December 3rd during conferences. It is open in the morning until 3:30 p.m.

Have a fantasic weekend!
-Mrs. Farrand J