Friday, November 16, 2012

Peek At The Week

We had a short week, but it was fun filled!

In Math, we took an addition fact test. They only get 2 ½ minutes to solve 30 problems. The students are getting better, so I think the Xtra Math online is helping! We also worked to groups to show the area of different rectangles. They worked nicely together. We also learned about mirror symmetry. I read a book called Let’s Go Fly A Kite as an introduction to symmetry. Then we chose 4 objects to create that were all symmetrical. They will be bringing them home today.
*See Fun Photos

In Science, we continued learning about reptiles. We focused on turtles this week by reading a turtle types poem. We also read about sea turtles and made a sea turtle life cycle. We even had a star reader read about a sea turtle’s journey.

In Writing, we worked on Leader/Follower ideas and wrote friendly letters to our parents about our week. We tried to use good details. I think they did a fabulous job! Look for the letters in their backpack folder today.

We also earned another 25 class compliments, so we voted and got to have extra recess outside. What a great way to celebrate our accomplishment! My class works so hard!
I am so proud!

Have a fabulous weekend!
-Mrs. Farrand J