Friday, November 2, 2012

Well, we certainly had a wild week of weather!  Here are some things we did in our short week.

In Math, we sorted quadrilaterals and discussed right angles. We also talked about how a shape is a rectangle if it has 4 straight sides and 4 right angles. Also, the students worked with a partner to sort rectangle shapes from biggest to smallest. They used tiles to find the area of each rectangle after they made predictions. They pretended the tiles were pieces of chocolate bars. The students discovered that the tiles helped us to know how to determine the biggest or smallest chocolate bar.

In Science, we wrapped up our science unit on trees and took our tree test. They did a great job. Thank you for helping your child study using the guide. We also did a cool museum walking tour in our classroom to examine and answer questions about our family trees.  It was really fun!  They posters were very creative!

On Wednesday, we had our vocabulary parade. We had so much fun parading around the school as verbs!

*Check the fun photos from this week’s activities.

Today we had a school assembly where the 5th graders gave us information about President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Next, the students secretly voted and we will know who won the election on Monday. The results should be interesting.

Have a nice weekend!

-Mrs. Farrand J