Friday, December 7, 2012

Peek At The Week

 What a nice way to start the week. I had a great time speaking with all of you about your child’s progress. They are all making very nice progress.

In Math, we learned a new game called Close to 20. The students had to lay out 5 cards from the deck and choose 3 cards that will get them the closest to 20. The player with the lowest score after 5 rounds wins. It was definitely the luck of the draw for some players. They had fun! We also solved number strings and took a short assessment that was sent home in their backpack folders today. We also practiced flash cards with near doubles. (ex: 5+4 or 9+8)
*See Fun Photos

In Science, we learned fun facts about lizards. We also read about lizards and salamanders. We then compared lizards and salamanders using a Venn Diagram. We learned that there are no lizards living in Burlington.
We also learned about the 5 Burlington reptiles. They are the spotted turtle, snapping turtle, water snake, garter snake, and black racer snake. We made a mini book to help us remember. We also presented our reptile reports. All the students had really interesting facts to share with the class and did a great job on their presentations.

The students took home their reptile folders today and also the study guide for the reptile test next Wednesday. Please help your child study for the test.

In Writing, we practiced writing friendly letters to our parents. Look for your child’s letter in their backpack folder today.

We had a fun time with our 5th grade buddies today. Miss C read everyone a story and then they wrote an acrostic poem about December.

Also, if you would like to order any Scholastic Books, please order by December 14th.
Have a great weekend!
-Mrs. Farrand J