Friday, October 30, 2015

Peek At The Week

My students had a busy week without me! :( I have been battling a virus all week and I hope it will be gone soon because I miss being with them! My substitute did a fabulous job teaching them in my absence. I should return on Monday!

In Math:
  • Began Unit 5 on Place Value using tens and ones by playing a partner game
  • Read a math story and colored tens and ones
  • Learned about place value breaking apart tens and ones
  •  Learned number words and practiced writing them correctly
  • Practiced greater than, less than, and equal to
  • Practiced looking at numbers before and after

In FUNdations and Reading:
  • Practiced trick words
  • Practiced the 3 sounds of -ed
  • Reviewed words
  • Took our Unit 4 test
My groups read Halloween poems and fun poem story called A Halloween Rhyme. They looked for rhyming words, nouns, verbs, and adjectives and practiced rereading to work on fluency.

In Science:
  • Read The Busy Tree, Fletcher's Falling Leaves, and A Tree For All Seasons
  • Made a tree life cycle
  • Read and answers questions about trees
  • Learned fact vs. opinion for trees
  • Read a Scholastic Magazine and answered questions

In Writing:
  • Learned about similes
  • Wrote similes about Halloween
  • Wrote creative spooky stories about a haunted house!

They also had fun showing their adjective pumpkins for the Voabulary Parade on Monday. 

Thank you for helping with the family trees! I can't wait to see them all on Monday!
Have a safe weekend if you are going trick or treating!

-Mrs. Farrand :)