Friday, January 17, 2014

Peek at the Week

My last week with the second graders was excellent! They were all wonderful and I am now incredibly sad to leave them, but I know Mrs. Farrand is happy to be back with the class. I will venture upstairs to visit them whenever possible :)

Here are some things we learned this week:

In Math:

  • Students subtracted using multiples of 10
  • Used problem solving to help them find missing or extra information 
  • Math game centers to engage students with their learning
  • Had Unit 7 math test--every student did great!
In Reading:
  • In reading groups, we read a raz-kids non-fiction story about Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Worked on fact and opinion statements
  • Discussed the importance of Martin Luther King Jr., and what he did for people
  • In FUNdations: played TWINGO (trick word bingo)
In Social Studies:
  • Started to talk about maps and globes
  • Read Maps and Globes, by Jack Knowlton
  • Students worked in groups of 4 and created maps of the classroom
**The students had a great time exploring at the Discovery Museum, Mrs. Farrand and I took pictures and hope to get them posted on the blog soon**

Thank you to all the parents and students for all your kind words and support during the last few months. I have had the most amazing time teaching your students and am sad to leave. Mrs. Farrand is back and is excited to finish the year with her class. I will see everyone real soon!

Miss Santullo :)