Friday, May 24, 2013

Peek At The Week

I really love my second graders! I am already getting sad to see the school days dwindling! They were working hard this week as always!

In Math, we worked on pinching paper clips to help us subtract from 100. We learned 2 strategies to help us solve 100 problems. We also practiced keeping the number whole to solve subtraction story problems. They are doing phenomenal! I am very impressed with their progress! We’ll work on addition strategies next week.

In Science, we started learning about the special characteristics of the sun, moon, and earth. The students knew a lot already, which is great! We read some great non-fiction books about the topic and the reason for the seasons. We also saw short videos called All About the Earth and All About the Sun.
We will learn about the marvelous moon next week.

In Writing, we began writing persuasive pieces about what makes Memorial School the best! We brainstormed some great ideas as a class. There were a lot of reasons! I would write about how great my students are!

*Special Project Alert!*
The second graders have been assigned a famous American to research. All of the information will be found in the Backpack Folders today. This is a very special and memorable second grade event. Please check the folder for the information.

I hope you have a great long weekend! I’ll see the students on Tuesday, 5/28.

-Mrs. Farrand J