Friday, May 3, 2013

Peek At The Week

Wow! It’s May already! How did that happen? Time flies when you’re working with great second graders like the ones in my class!

In Math, we began learning about fun fractions. We read Eating Fractions and learned a fraction jingle to help with the numerator and denominator. We also worked on splitting halves with balloons and pennies. We watched two awesome Brain Pop Jr. videos to help us too! The kids are doing really well with fractions so far! We also got to use the Ipads today to play some fun fact games such as Math Bingo and Dino Math, since we earned another 25 compliments! We have earned 125 so far for the year! That is amazing!

In Science, we learned more about interesting insects. We learned about the complete metamorphosis, which is egg, larva, pupa, adult. We also learned about an incomplete metamorphosis, which is egg, nymph, adult. We made some life cycle crafts to help us. We also watched a video All About Butterflies and Moths. We also read about them together and used a Venn Diagram to compare them.  We got to experience what compound eyes are like by borrowing some special insect glasses from Mrs. Siegel.
*See Fun Photos

In Writing, we wrote a friendly letter to you about our week. The students are continuing to practice adding more details to their writing. Look for their lovely letters in their backpack folders today!

The whole school attended a special volleyball game on Thursday morning for the 5th graders and the teachers! The 5th graders won, but it was a good time for everyone!
*See Fun Photos

Finally, the insect reports are due on Monday 5/6. The insect test will be on Tuesday 5/7. The students received a study guide to help them study.

Also, the field trip money and slips are due Tuesday 5/7 as well.

I hope you enjoy the weekend with your family!
-Mrs. Farrand J