Thursday, December 13, 2012

Peek At The Week

The kids are definitely excited for upcoming events this month!
We had another great week of learning together.

In Math, we solved a lot of story problems for addition and subtraction. We learned to use tens and ones for adding and keeping the number whole for subtraction. They are really catching on quickly and they are able to solve problems faster, which is great!

In Science, we played Reptile Jeopardy to review for the test. It was the Snazzy Snapping Turtles against the Cool Crocodilians. It was a very close score and the students definitely studied. We took our reptile test on Wednesday and everyone did an excellent job.

This week we went to the computer lab and Mrs. Weldon taught us how to log in to the computers using a special id number and we also logged into our own gmail accounts. Then the students used Google Docs to type up a descriptive paragraph they each had written about me. Some were able to finish and bring the paragraph home today, but others still need to finish typing.  Soon they’ll learn how to share their documents with me too!
It was nice to have them practice their typing skills and getting used to logging in to use the computers. Plus, they certainly knew a lot about me! J

Have a wonderful weekend! We might even see some snow!
-Mrs. Farrand J