Friday, October 30, 2015

Peek At The Week

My students had a busy week without me! :( I have been battling a virus all week and I hope it will be gone soon because I miss being with them! My substitute did a fabulous job teaching them in my absence. I should return on Monday!

In Math:
  • Began Unit 5 on Place Value using tens and ones by playing a partner game
  • Read a math story and colored tens and ones
  • Learned about place value breaking apart tens and ones
  •  Learned number words and practiced writing them correctly
  • Practiced greater than, less than, and equal to
  • Practiced looking at numbers before and after

In FUNdations and Reading:
  • Practiced trick words
  • Practiced the 3 sounds of -ed
  • Reviewed words
  • Took our Unit 4 test
My groups read Halloween poems and fun poem story called A Halloween Rhyme. They looked for rhyming words, nouns, verbs, and adjectives and practiced rereading to work on fluency.

In Science:
  • Read The Busy Tree, Fletcher's Falling Leaves, and A Tree For All Seasons
  • Made a tree life cycle
  • Read and answers questions about trees
  • Learned fact vs. opinion for trees
  • Read a Scholastic Magazine and answered questions

In Writing:
  • Learned about similes
  • Wrote similes about Halloween
  • Wrote creative spooky stories about a haunted house!

They also had fun showing their adjective pumpkins for the Voabulary Parade on Monday. 

Thank you for helping with the family trees! I can't wait to see them all on Monday!
Have a safe weekend if you are going trick or treating!

-Mrs. Farrand :)

Friday, October 23, 2015

Peek At The Week

October is flying by! We are having a great time learning and growing together!

Here is a peek at the week:

In Math:
  • Began Topic 4 on working with equal groups
  •  Learned repeated addition (ex:4+4+4=12)
  • Learned about arrays to make equal rows and columns
  • Solved word problems using repeated additon and pictures
  • Took our Topic 4 test

In Science:

  •    Reviewed the two types of trees- deciduous and evergreen
  •  Read and highlighted important information and made a cool pop up trees
  • Had Pumpkin Science with Mr. Muscleman
  • Looked at parts of an oak tree with a poem
  • Watched a forest ecosystem video and sang a cute song about maple trees

In Fundations and Reading
  •  Learned about suffixes s, es, ing, ed, er, and est to make plurals
  •  Practiced our trick words using gel boards
  • Played a game called Desk Pop to practice spelling words
  •  Practiced words with s, es, and ies suffixes
  • Read The Lad Who Went to The North Wind and The Teeny Tiny Teacher. We are practicing beginning, middle, end together.

In Writing:
  • Completed our personal narratives- They were great!

**Reminder: I sent home a special Family Tree Project for your child last week.
The posters are due on Thursday, October 29th. Please help them gather what they need. If you have any questions, please contact me!
Have a great weekend!

-Mrs. Farrand :)

Mr. Muscleman teaching us Pumpkin Science

Will it sink or float?

A cool chemical reaction

My Lunch Buddies!!