Friday, September 12, 2014

Peek At The Week

We had our first full week in second grade! The students are working on the classroom routines, rules, and getting to know each other. We were busy bees!

Here are some of the things we did:

In Math:

·        Learned about bar diagrams using part, part whole
·        Learned joining story problems using addition
·        Took our symphony math test on the computer
·        Played games to reinforce our new skills
·        Practiced subtraction with missing parts

In Literacy:

·        Watched a video, played a game, and read how to be a good citizen in the classroom and community
·        Learned all about nouns through puzzles, cards, Brain Pop Jr., a scavenger hunt and literature. We were nuts about nouns!
·        Began our writing unit on personal narratives
·        Learned the special features in a personal narrative
·        Began writing the beginning, middle, and end about our first day of school experience

In Science:

·        Began our amphibian unit
·        Talked about what we know and want to learn
·        Learned special characteristics
·        Made a special folder

Reading Buddies:
·        Met our 5th grade buddies today
·        Took a survey together
·        Read books

We also had a Friendship Circle at the end of the day to share one good thing that happened in school this week. We had many good things to share!

I am really proud of how hard the students have been working! I know they are trying their best and our day is tiring!
I hope you have a great weekend with your child! Check out some fun photos and a video of us doing alphabet aerobics!! ;)

Mrs. Farrand