Thursday, September 22, 2016

Peek At The Week

Happy fall everyone! We had a great week of learning in second grade!
Here are some of the things we have been working on:

In Math: 

·      Practiced doubles facts
·        Learned doubles rap song     
·        Practiced new games called Double It and Doubles Bump
·        Made a ten to add numbers
·       Completed our Symphony Fall Screener
·       Looked for addition patterns for related facts
·       Used the number line to count on or count back                 

In Fundations and Reading:
·        Began switching classrooms and tiering students
·        Practiced Unit 1 in Fundations on digraphs, blends and closed syllables
·        Practiced routines and did a getting to know you activity
·        Learned the vocabulary words
·        Practiced skill sheets
·        Learned alphabet aerobics
·        Learned about lucky books and created a lucky log! We read Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse for fiction and Frogs! for non fiction.
In Science:
·        Watched a video called All About Amphibians
·        Reviewed important amphibian characteristics and made a frog folder
·        Miss P visited us for an amphibian talk and brought us a cool toad named Milo
·        Observed Milo and fed him crickets

In Writing:
·        Learned about verbs using songs and our morning message
·       Used puzzles and partners to find some in the picture
·       Used an Alphabox to brainstorm words for our first day of school narrative writing
·      Began writing the beginning part of our personal narrative
·       Wrote verb poems about ourselves

I am proud of all their hard work! Thank you for all your support!
Enjoy your weekend!
-Mrs. Farrand :)

Milo our toad

Watching Milo eat

My awesome lunch bunch! :)