Monday, March 21, 2016

Peek At The Week

Only in New England! :)  Well, I am sure we will have warmer weather soon and see more flowers blooming! In the meantime, I have been so very proud of all the hard work your children have been doing everyday! Thank you for your continued support at home by checking over their homework and teaching them about being responsible.

Here are some of things we are working on:

In Math:

  • Completed Topic 11 on adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers
  • Completed 40% of our goal on ST Math, which is great so far!
  • Began Topic 12 on Geometry 
  • Learned and reviewed the names of solid shapes (3-D) and plane shapes (2-D)
  • Had a shape hunt in our classroom with a partner
  • Played a new game to find shapes
In Writing/Social Studies:
  • Completed our individual continent research and began writing our final drafts
  • Some students just finished and many are on their way. They did an amazing job!
In Science:
  • Began our unit on wonderful weather
  • To start we will learn about the 3 main parts of weather : sun, air, water and how the water cycle works
In Fundations:
  • Started Unit 13 on the sounds of o that match the homework
  • Practiced trick words using trick word relay
  • Practiced dictation using apps and paper and pencil
  • Played Desk Pop
In Reading:
  • We read A Friend Like Ed and compared it to another similar story Lionel and Amelia.
  • We practiced our summarizing skills and asked 5 W questions
  • We had great discussions about our own friendships too
The Science Center held a special Assembly for us to help us learn how to recycle more at lunch in order to have less waste.

Thanks for checking in!
-Mrs. Farrand 

Sorting our trash

Geometry Shape Hunt