Monday, September 28, 2015

Happy Fall Everyone!

It's finally fall and almost October! This is my favorite season! 

In Math, we are working adding 0,1,2, doubles, and near doubles. We learned a cool doubles rap and played some fun games with a partner. We also read the book Two of Everything and wrote magic pot problems.

In Science, we continued learning about amphibians. We watched a fun video and wrote facts. Mrs. P came in and brought a special class pet! His name is Frodo and he is an American Toad! They love him! We read about frogs too and how to TTQA (Turn the Question Around). Today, we compared frogs and toads using a Venn Diagram. The students did a great job!

We also learned about adjectives and did a fun puzzle activity together. We read about being a good citizen too!
I'm looking forward to the week ahead!

Here's Frodo!

Venn Diagram Comparing Frogs and Toads