Friday, April 10, 2015

Peek At The Week

I hope you had a nice long weekend! We had another fast week and accomplished a lot!

Here’s a Peek at our week:

In Math:
  • Practiced regrouping with subtraction
  • Used clues to solve riddle problems
  • Played math games with adding 3 digit numbers
  • Took our Topic 11 test
  • Began Topic 12 on Geometry, read a story, and played a game looking for solid shapes (3-D)

  • Started unit 14 fundations unit
  • Reviewed the /ou/ sound of ou and ow
  • Trick word practice with gel boards and relay game
  • played charades using words that made the /ou/ sound (example, mouse, found, trout, house, pound)
  • reviewed noun and tower for vocabulary
  • reading groups read The Three Wishes and Edgar Badger’s Balloon Day
In Science:
  • Reviewed for the weather test by playing Jeopardy
  • Took our weather test (They did great!)
  • Mr. Muscleman came and used an infrared camera to discuss heat energy and temperature.
  • Began our new unit on insects
  • Read Bugs Are Insects  and learned special characteristics
  • Watched a Brain pop Jr video on insects
  • Watched All About Bugs video and created a What is an Insect? booklet

Mrs. Weldon came in and helped us begin researching an insect to make a book on the iPads using Book Creator. We will work on the books next week.
Have a nice weekend!
-Mrs. Farrand :)