Saturday, February 8, 2014

Peek At The Week

What a fast week we had! I am sure the kids enjoyed a nice break on Wednesday and had fun in the snow. Despite the shorter week, we still worked very hard! :)

Here are some of the things we did!

In Math:

  • Added two digit numbers with regrouping
  • Played a two digit number center game
  • Used the number line to show addition
  • Added more than two numbers with regrouping
In Fundations:
  • Worked on or, ore differences
  • Practiced unit 8 words
  • Finished Unit 8 on ar, or
In Social Studies:

  • Reviewed for our test by playing Jeopardy
  • Took our test on maps and globes and landforms 
Most of the students did very well! Thanks for helping them study using the guide!

In Writing:

  • Began inform unit in order to do research on North America as a class
  • Learned about a RAN chart
  • Learned some of the features of a great report
  • Wrote what we think we know about North America
Coming up:

Valentine's Day is next Friday. I put a note regarding this special day and a class list for the students to use if they are going to bring in valentines by Thursday 2/13.

Enjoy the weekend! I'm enjoying watching the winter olympics!
-Mrs. Farrand :)