Friday, April 12, 2013

Peek At The Week

We had a great week before our spring vacation! We did a lot!

In Math, we learned Collect $1.00 to help us count and trade coins to record. We also played Get to 100 on the hundred chart to help add number strings that add up to 100. We filled in missing numbers on the hundred chart too and learned Unroll A Square which helps with subtraction.

In Social Studies, reviewed rupees and learned about the Taj Mahal. We made our own sketches of this famous building and they came out beautifully. We also heard from Mrs. Jones who visited India one summer. It was very interesting! We also watched some video clips from India and saw some of the schools in different parts of the countries. We wrapped our unit by learning about India’s flag and we brainstormed all the things we had learned! They learned a lot and then made a peacock with 5 facts.

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The students presented their sports biographies to the class. They were very creative and had nice facts.

On a personal note, I shared with the students today that my husband Chris and I are expecting a baby October 1st. They were all very excited by this news and even predicted what we would be having and gave me some name advice. J

I hope you have a safe and restful vacation week! 
School starts again on Monday, April 22nd.

-Mrs. Farrand J