Friday, March 22, 2013

Peek At The Week

A snowy week and the first day of spring! Only in New England! J

In Math, we continued learning about data by discussing how many teeth we lost in our class.  Then we asked other classrooms how many teeth they had lost. The students collected the data with a partner and then created line plots and picture graphs to display the data. They did a great job. We finished our Unit 4 by taking an assessment and started Unit 6, which will review story problems and place value. We learned a new game called Roll-A-Square to help with adding and subtracting within one hundred.

In Science, we learned about temperature. We discussed the definition and what tool we use to measure temperature. We watched a short Brainpop Jr. video and learned about how to count by 2s for the small lines on a thermometer. We practiced filling in thermometers together and what temperatures display hot and cold. We also presented our weather reports. They did a nice job!

***The weather test will be on Wednesday, March 27th.
Please help your child study!

In Writing, we finished our persuasive piece about the best season. They came up with a topic sentence, four reasons why it was the best using leader/follower, and a closing sentence. They came out very well!

This week we had some high school students from LCA visit our classroom to see if they would be interested in a future teaching career. The students enjoyed getting to know them and were very sad to see them go!
*See fun photos

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

-Mrs. Farrand J