Friday, February 1, 2013

Peek At The Week

We had another wonderful week! I can’t believe February is already here!

In Math, we worked on a lot of measurement. It is really fun and gets the students moving around and working together. We reviewed how we measure using a ruler and measured many things in our classroom. We even measured the length and width of the classroom using yardsticks. That was a challenge!
My favorite lesson of the week (and probably the kids too) was measuring jumps. They had to do a frog, rabbit, and kid jump and then measure how far they landed from the starting line. They did a nice job working together.
We also learned about a place called “The Land of Inch” where miniature people live. The students had to measure and compare different people and items from there.
*See Fun Photos

In Writing, we are working on finishing our perfect snow day pieces. Today, we used the leader/follower format to write about our favorite restaurants. Their writing is really showing improvement!

In Social Studies, we discussed where our beanie babies lived on the map of the United States and we made a “Royal Castle Plan” using cardinal directions. We also took our maps and globes test and the students all did very well. Thanks for helping them study!

We also started learning about landforms and bodies of water. We watched a Brain Pop Jr. video as an introduction and went over the specific ones we would be studying. We read about islands and made a cool island folder.

I assigned a special landform report today that is in their backpack folders, so be sure to check the folder! They are very excited!

We read about Groundhog Day today also and I told them to check the news to see if he will see his shadow tomorrow. We also had to say good-bye to their special beanie baby friends. Check the fun photos for a cute group shot of all of them!

Thank you sooooo much for all of my wish list items! You were very generous!
I appreciate it!

Have a wonderful weekend with your family!
-Mrs. Farrand J