Friday, December 13, 2013

Peek at the Week

We had another wonderful week in second grade!

Here are some things we learned this week:

In Math:
  • Continued working on Topic 6
  • Used little ten-frames to help add tens and ones
  • Practiced making combinations of 10
  • Used mental math to add a 1 digit number to a 2 digit number

In Reading:
  • Boys and girls worked on independent work this week while students were being tested using the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA)
  • In FUNdations students learned how to identify a vowel-consonant-e syllable: the syllable has a vowel, then a consonant, then an e.
  • The first bowel is long and the e is silent, the sneaky e!
  • Students learned S can say /z/ when it is between two vowels

In Science:
  • Read lots of great reptile books!
  • Created a reptile sort for the 4 groups: turtles, lizards, snakes, and crocodiles
  • Students learned about the different turtle types
  • Learned how lizards and salamanders are the same and different
  • Created a Venn diagram to compare the two
  • Reptile Test will be on Thursday, December 19th. Please help your child study the study guide that went home yesterday.
**The students also have flash cards to help them**

In Writing:
  • Continued to work on the procedural letter to the kindergarten teachers: How to teach them to sit on the rug.

Reminder: Students received a note about participating in our “Secret Pal” activity next week. If you do not want your child to participate, please let me know.

Students have a letter in their bag with more detail about this assignment. Here is a peek at what it says:

Each night for homework, beginning Monday, December 16th and continuing through Friday, December 20th, your child is responsible for writing a daily compliment for his/her secret pal AND working at home on a homemade gift to be given on Friday, December 20th.

Please help your child keep their secret pal, secret.

Stay Warm!
Miss SantulloJ

Friday, December 6, 2013

Peek at the Week

Thank you to everyone who came to parent conferences yesterday! If you were unable to make the conference and would like to set up another time, please email me:

Winter is approaching! I can’t believe it’s already December.

Here are some things we learned this week:

In Math:
  • Started Topic 6-Mental Addition
  • Add groups of Ten
  • Math Vocabulary: mental math, tens digit, next ten
  • Explain how to solve a problem using mental math, such as, 28+20
  • Students started to mentally add a two-digit number and a one-digit number
  • Used single ten-frame mats, and double ten-frame mats

In Reading:
  • In FUNdations, we started learning vowel consonant e syllable types
  • Introduced new trick words; often, house, move (Santullo/Nelson) and against and once (McLaughlin/Siegel)
  • In reading groups: one group started reading Squanto: Friend to the Pilgrims, second group: Pocahontas: A Friend to the Colonists
  • Continued working on turning questions into statements when answering a questions
  • Practiced highlighting information in the text before answering a question
  • Discussed Proper Nouns

In Science:
  • Mr. Musselman and Miss. Pavlicek came into school for a whole school assembly on Force and Motion
  • We made a KWL chart on what students already knew about Reptiles and what they want to learn about Reptiles
  • Introduced the four reptiles; snakes, turtles, crocodiles, and lizards
  • Worked on a reptile sort

 In Writing:
  • Modeled how to write a procedural letter
  • Students started a rough draft of procedural letter to their kindergarten teachers
  • Wrote to kindergarten teachers on how to help their students to sit on the rug

Have a great weekend!

Miss Santullo J

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Peek at the Peek

November 25th-27th

This week went by so fast, I forgot to post!

Here are some of the things we did:

In Math:
  • Finished Topic 5, and topic test
  • Reviewed how to use data from a chart to answer questions
  • Used clues to find a secret number using a chart
  • Played addition math bingo

In Reading:
  • Finished reading the non-fiction book, How Animals Sleep
  • Read a Thanksgiving play about Squanto
  • Students took turns reading aloud as different characters

In Writing:
  • Students brainstormed ideas on how to help a turkey escape thanksgiving dinner
  • Outlined their steps using, first, next, last
  • Wrote a short story on how they would help a turkey escape Thanksgiving dinner and published their final draft
  • Created thank you cards for parents/guardians and turkey magnets with their faces on them

Half-Day Fun Activities:
  • Thanksgiving bingo
  • Watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with Ms. McLaughlin’s class

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break!

Miss Santullo J