Friday, October 26, 2012

We Love School Song

The students learned this song in September. I filmed them today.
They sang it from memory. I love it and hope you do too! I'm sorry the images of
them aren't clearer!

Peek At The Week

How do the weeks go by so quickly? I can’t believe October is nearing an end!

We had another wonderful week of learning together.

In Math, we continued in Unit 2 learning about shapes and geometry. We read The Greedy Triangle and learned about different 2-D shapes around us and how many sides and angles they have. We also did some fun 3-D shape activities using geo blocks to find the faces of 3-D shapes and we drew shape structures. We also did a fun activity using pattern blocks called Ways to Fill. *Check fun photos!

In Science, we learned about the special inside parts of a tree. We made a tree book to help us remember. We also read A Tree Is Nice and wrote 3 different reasons why trees are nice or important. We watched a short video about terrific trees and we even had one student dress up as a tree to help us review the parts. It was so fun!  *Check fun photos!

*The tree test will be on Tuesday, October 30th. The study guide went home on Thursday. Please help your child study.  The family tree project is also due Tuesday as well.

In Writing, we read a story by Donald Crews called Big Mama’s. It is about the author visiting his grandmother in the summer. Next, we wrote about places or people we like to visit in the summer too. They did a nice job!

In Fundations, we have started Unit 4, which teaches the students about plurals and suffixes. They are practicing and remembering the rules, which is awesome!

On Wednesday 10/31, we will have our vocabulary parade, which will begin at 8:45 a.m.  Parents are welcome to come to school and cheer on your favorite verb word! Students can bring their costumes in a bag to school. Let me know if you have any questions!

Have a nice weekend!

-Mrs. Farrand J

Friday, October 19, 2012

Peek At The Week

October is one of my favorite months. I love to watch the changing colors of the leaves and the kids have been enjoying the mild weather.

In Math, we have finished Unit 1 and have started Unit 2 called Shapes, Blocks, and Symmetry. We began by working on fact families and how we can build addition and subtraction equations using just 3 numbers. We also started learning about 2-D shapes. We will look more at 2D and 3D shapes next week and as we continue in Unit 2.

In Science, we read about different kinds of trees around the world. We also made a cool pop-up paper and read information comparing deciduous and evergreen trees. It was fun! We also read a poem about the changing season of an apple tree. We will go over the special tree parts next week.

*Remember to help your child with their Family Tree Project due on Tuesday, October 30th.

In Writing, we learned about 4 different types of sentences. We talked about statements, questions, commands, and exclamatory sentences.
We watched a cool Brain Pop Jr. video to help us learn more too!

Today the students wrote narrative stories about their best friends. They had to include details about what their best friend looks like, what they like to do together, and why they are best friends. They also created a picture of their best friend. They did a great job.

In FUNdations, we finished Unit 3 on closed syllable exceptions and have started Unit 4 which reviews plural words and explains rules for when to use different suffix endings such as s, es, ing, ed, er, and est.

The class is doing a great job earning “spots” on their dogs in order to get rewarded for great behavior. We also are continuing to earn class compliments to earn another class reward when we reach 50! I’m so proud!

The kids were so excited to begin reading buddies. We met with our 5th grade reading buddies today. The 5th graders interviewed their buddy or buddies and then they read books together. *Check out the pictures of our new buddies in fun photos!

Have a great weekend!

-Mrs. Farrand J







Friday, October 12, 2012

Peek At The Week

We had a shorter week, but we were still learning a lot!

In Math, we worked on story problems using TIPS. We learned about how to show our work using different strategies such as pictures, tally marks, the bumpy road, tens and ones, and keeping the number whole. They are doing a nice job.

We also read a story called Two of Everything.   In the story, there is a magic pot that whatever gets put in, doubles. We wrote our own magic pot problems too! We also learned 2 new games to help with our doubles facts called Double It and Double Arrays.

In Fundations, we are learning and practicing closed syllable exceptions. We will continue to work on this next week too.
In Writing, we practiced writing stories. We also wrote a friendly letter to our parents about our week in school. They did a nice job.
*Look for your child's letter in the backpack folder.

In Social Studies, we learned about Christopher Columbus. We read about him, watched a short video, and learned a fun song.

In Science, we have started learning about trees. The two types we are learning about are deciduous and evergreen. I hope you saw the special notice about the family tree project. It is one of my favorite projects in second grade. They are due on October 30th.

*Also, we are participating in a school wide vocabulary parade on October 31st. Your child will be dressing up as a special verb word.

*Please look for the notice in your child’s backpack folder for more information. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Have a nice weekend!

-Mrs. Farrand J

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Compliments Reward

Our class has been working hard at collecting compliments. We earned 25 baseballs. We took  a vote and we decided to have a stuffed animal day tomorrow. The students can bring in a small stuffed animal to share. They are showing great teamwork! I am proud of them! :)

Family Tree Project

I sent home a special Family Tree project for our class today. Please check the green paper in your child's folder. I am attaching the letter below, as well as some picture examples of other family trees for ideas.
Creativity is encouraged! :)
Dear Families,

      Our study of trees will branch out into the realm of FAMILY TREES.  Please help your child create a family tree of his or her own.  We will also use this project to begin discussing different cultures found in our community and classroom.

*This project is due on Tuesday, October 30th.*

1.     Make a tree on a piece of thin poster board or large sturdy paper.  The poster or paper needs to be no larger than 16X20 inches.  They will be displayed in the classroom and wall space is very limited.  You can use any medium you would like. Suggestions: crayons, markers, paint, fabric, wallpaper etc.

2.    Glue actual photos or create illustrations of family members to branches or leaves.

3.    Write each person’s name below his or her picture.

4.    Family members must include: your child, siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.  Cousins are optional.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Peek At The Week

Happy October!  We had another great week of learning together.

In Math, we played More Than 2 to Make 10 with a partner. It was hard, but fun. We also practiced our math facts and learned about different addition and subtraction strategies to use when solving story problems. Also, we had another Pocket Day. It is always exciting to count all of our pockets! *Don't forget to have your child practice their math facts on Xtra Math.

In Science, we had a special visit from Mr. Muscleman from the Science Center. He taught our class about pumpkins, fire, and did a really cool experiment.
*See some pictures in the fun photos. 
      We also wrapped up our unit on amphibians by watching a movie and taking our test. All of the students did a wonderful job! Thank you for helping them study!

In Social Studies, we talked and read about “Classroom Manners” and how important they are at home and at school. The students are working hard earning class compliments as well. We have almost reached our goal of 25 baseballs. I am proud of their effort.

In Literacy, we began switching classrooms for Fundations and Reading. The students have been learning new routines and getting to know each other and their new teachers.  It has been nice getting to know more second graders. We have been practicing our centers and learning about “Lucky Books.”  My homeroom class also learned about different types of sentences and how to stretch a sentence to make it super.

 I hope you all have a super long weekend. Remember there is no school on Monday 10/8 for Columbus Day.

-Mrs. Farrand J