Friday, January 31, 2014

Peek At The Week

We had another great week in second grade together! I'm so glad it wasn't as cold so we could go outside for recess! It's funny when 40 degrees feels so warm!

Here are some of the things we did this week!

In Math:
  • used place value to add one digit and two digit numbers with regrouping
  • showed the tens and ones using cubes and paper and pencil
  • played review games to make tens and help with regrouping
  • learned when we need to regroup
In Fundations:
  • wrapped up Unit 7 
  • began unit 8 on r-controlled words using ar and or
  • practiced trick words with a fun relay
In Social Studies:
  • reviewed continents and oceans songs
  • learned about cardinal directions and made a compass
  • practiced cardinal directions and landed on a map grid to borrow a beanie baby
  • discussed landforms and bodies of water 
  • made a vocabulary booklet
  • watched short movies on landforms
*Check the backpack folder for a special study guide for a maps and globes and landforms test on Thursday February 6, 2014. Please help your child prepare for the test.

Have a wonderful weekend!
-Mrs. Farrand

Friday, January 24, 2014

Peek At The Week

Hi everyone! It is great to be back with my special second graders. We had a busy 4 day week and we accomplished a lot! Here are some things we did!

In Math:

  • Took pre-test on Topic 8
  • Played a game regrouping tens and ones
  • Learned what regrouping is
  • Used cubes to solve addition sentences to see if regrouping was needed
Question for your child:

When do you need to regroup?
(If there are 10 or more ones, you regroup)

In Fundations:
  • Week 3 of Unit 7
  • Reviewed syllable types
  • Learned suffixes y, ty, ly
  • Practiced new vocabulary
  • Played Twingo to help with trick word practice
In Reading:

One group began a folktale The Old Woman Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle and a fiction story called
How Pizza Came To Queens

In Social Studies:
  • used a Venn Diagram to compare maps and globes
  • Read Me on the Map and made a "Where I Live" book
  • Learned the 7 continents and 5 oceans and sang songs to help us
  • Watched 2 Brain Pop Jr. videos
In Writing:
  • Wrote diamante poems comparing winter vs. summer
I have noticed that some students need a little more help with completing and be responsible for their homework each day.
Please help your child check over their homework and make sure it is coming in when it is due.
If they prepare their things the day before this will help them. I would greatly appreciate it!

Have an excellent weekend with your special son or daughter!
-Mrs. Farrand 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Peek at the Week

My last week with the second graders was excellent! They were all wonderful and I am now incredibly sad to leave them, but I know Mrs. Farrand is happy to be back with the class. I will venture upstairs to visit them whenever possible :)

Here are some things we learned this week:

In Math:

  • Students subtracted using multiples of 10
  • Used problem solving to help them find missing or extra information 
  • Math game centers to engage students with their learning
  • Had Unit 7 math test--every student did great!
In Reading:
  • In reading groups, we read a raz-kids non-fiction story about Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Worked on fact and opinion statements
  • Discussed the importance of Martin Luther King Jr., and what he did for people
  • In FUNdations: played TWINGO (trick word bingo)
In Social Studies:
  • Started to talk about maps and globes
  • Read Maps and Globes, by Jack Knowlton
  • Students worked in groups of 4 and created maps of the classroom
**The students had a great time exploring at the Discovery Museum, Mrs. Farrand and I took pictures and hope to get them posted on the blog soon**

Thank you to all the parents and students for all your kind words and support during the last few months. I have had the most amazing time teaching your students and am sad to leave. Mrs. Farrand is back and is excited to finish the year with her class. I will see everyone real soon!

Miss Santullo :) 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Peek at the week

2014 is off to a great start! The students had an excellent week.

Here are some things we learned this week:

In Math:
  • We started mental subtraction; make sure to look at the Mental Math Facts game sent home on Monday. It is on the back of the Home-School Connection work mat
  • Students learned to subtract multiples of 10 from two-digit numbers using mental math and ten-frame cards
  • Students found the missing part of 100 by counting up from the given number.
  • Students also found the difference between two-digit numbers less than 100 using their one hundred chart (a one hundred chart was sent home for students to use for their homework if needed)

In Reading:
·         We started reading Wonderful Winter and work on compound words and summarizing the beginning, middle, and end of a book.
·         Whole class summarize lesson with the book, Big Al
·         In FUNdations we learned that an open syllable has only one vowel which is the last letter in the syllable, the vowel sound is long, and the syllable can be combined with other syllables to make longer words.

In Writing:
  • Students finished their procedural  writing to the kindergarten teachers on how to help their students to sit on the rug
  • Read the book, Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution
  • Brainstormed new years resolutions
  • Wrote a letter to parents telling them three resolutions they are going to work on their year (a copy was sent home, originals will be hung in the hallway)

In other news:
*      Book Buddies came in this afternoon, it has been a few weeks and the students were so excited!
*      Field Trip News: I put all of the chaperone volunteer’s names in a bucket, and chose two. The two parents for next weeks field trip are: Casina’s sister, and Madison’s mother.
Thank you for all of those who volunteered. Also, for those who have not returned field trip slips, please do so as soon as possible. Thank you!
*      In happy and sad news, Mrs. Farrand will be returning next Friday for the field trip. She is looking forward to seeing all the students! I will be sad to leave, but I feel very thankful for teaching all of your wonderful children. Fortunately, I will be just downstairs in kindergarten, so I will be sure to visit!
*      Homework: Students homework will look a little different starting next week. Sentences will now be Leader, Follower sentences. There are new directions, and the students and I will do a sample together for them to bring home on Monday.

Have a good weekend!
Miss Santullo J